The fees involved in buying with AORA consists of the following:

  1. Product cost 
  2. Domestic shipping fees (if applicable. Find out more here
  3. International shipping fees
  4. Agent fee (5% or $9, whichever is higher) 
  5. Taxes & duties (if applicable) 

For cryptocurrency payments, an additional handling fee of 10% will apply to the transaction. 

Scenario 1: Alan purchases a Kindle from Amazon using Singapore Dollars with AORA, and ships it with Economy Shipping 

The cost breakdown will be as followed: 

USD Conversion to SGD: USD 147 = ~SGD 207.27



Cost of Product SGD 207.27
Domestic Shipping Fees        Free domestic shipping from Amazon
International Shipping Fees     SGD 7.45 (for 500g) 
Agent Fee (5%)     SGD 10.73
Taxes & Duties (GST applicable for orders above SGD 400)Not Applicable
Total CostSGD 225.45