We understand that unknown shipping fees can cause a lot of discomfort in deciding whether you want to purchase a product, and thus we decided to change this by offering a one-time all-inclusive shipping fee from the merchant all the way to your doorstep. To do so, we pass each product URL through a proprietary product weight database of over 7+ million products (and counting!) to estimate the shipping weight and dimensions of the product. 

When the product reaches the warehouse and we find that the weight and dimensions that we estimated is higher than the actual weight and dimensions, we will then proceed to give you a refund on the additional shipping fees incurred with the estimated difference only if the difference is above 500g. If the actual product weighs heavier than the estimation, we will absorb the difference in shipping fees incurred. 

For example, Alan purchases a 3-speed blender: 

  • AORA passes the product URL through our weight database, and provides a weight estimation based on the keywords and other metrics 

  • Alan chooses to ship with Economy mode, and pays SGD 81.95 for shipping (based on a shipping fee of $1.49/100g) 

  • When the package reaches the warehouse, the product and its packaging is weighed. In this scenario, the actual package weighs 4.4kg
  • Because the package weighs 4.4kg, the actual shipping fees are SGD 65.56 

  • As there is a difference of 700g, AORA will then automatically refund you the difference in shipping fees: SGD 81.95 - SGD 65.56 = SGD 16.39

  • The refund of SGD 16.39 will be reflected in your receipt after the package leaves the warehouse